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Meet Kim Huynh, the founder of Pink Chest Parties, LLC, a former Passion Party consultant, who has taken her experience to create the Ultimate Girls’ Night-in info-site. Pink Chest Parties, LLC is mainly an All-Male Revue Booking Agency for the Houston, TX area, (YES! hotties that come to you), but this site also provides an online party store and nationwide listing for sex toys’ consultants. As a former consultant herself, she wants to help customers as well as her fellow consultants find one another.

By day, Kim is just like you! Ok, maybe…lol? She is an insurance agent for commercial boating, a wifey, and mom. You’re probably thinking that sounds normal enough, why the e-retail, and strippers...lol? Well, she’s just one of those girls who can’t stop dreaming! Graduating with her B.S. in Fashion Merchandising from the University of Southern Mississippi, retail has never left her vision, as for the strippers….well, wouldn’t you want to be surrounded by gorgeous men..lol? We’re kidding! Kim has always loved event planning, and feels every woman should feel celebrated by a hottie with a body!


Houston, TX

www.pinkchesthouston.com  |  Tel: (832)649-1417

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